Funders can acquire or commit to acquiring a certain amount of EximPass Tokens (EPTokens), in order to perform their transactions with speed and versatility. EPTokens can also be traded for assets and services with millions of merchants in our platform.

Funders, Lenders, Investors or donors have the options to set limits or strict parameters on the use of the funds, to ensure the proper use of them. They can opt to receive an email with detailed information on the fund’s user expenditures, pre-approve certain merchant in their criteria, etc. Using the Supply Chain Finance the use of funds problem can also be solved.

On the Blockchain, we handle the complete Supply Chain Finance for:

Lenders can loan, see borrowers history, etc  login:

  • Loan
  • Add funds
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage Portfolio
  • Manage Borrower

Investors invest in projects, entrepreneurs, industries, etc login:

  • Invest
  • Add funds
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage Portfolio
  • Manage Investment

Merchants handle setting up their store, commissions, etc  login:

  • Set up Store
  • Process payments
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Merchant site

Charities and individual donors can see petitioners, request, etc login:

  • Donate
  • Follow recipients
  • Reports
  • Manage Portfolio
  • Manage Charities


Screen Shots Example of what you can find inside.